Kurt Penn Joins the HAVERKATE GROUP

The Haverkate Group

Ralph Haverkate and Wayne Longman are pleased to announce that Kurt Penn, JD CIPS GRI has joined the Haverkate Group.   Kurt, a trained attorney, has been actively engaged in real estate brokerage for almost 25 years and is a knowledgeable, seasoned professional. Kurt is also licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin with access to those markets through his affiliation with Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty in Chicago.   Kurt adds a new dimension to the Haverkate Group, with his extensive experience in many areas of real estate, spanning construction and development, plus architectural property renovation including mid-century modern.   Admitted to the bar in Illinois, Virginia and Florida, Kurt has dealt with hundreds of legal and real estate clients over the years. His ability to communicate honestly and intelligently with his clients, combined with his solid legal background and real estate expertise, has enabled him to understand and identify each client’s specific needs. […]

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All About Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Palm Springs

Why is everyone so interested in Mid-Century Modern Architecture? With all of today’s innovation, technology and design, why are we resorting back to designs that originated more than 60 years ago. There are countless stores and websites dedicated to midcentury modern tastes and many architects and developers have embraced this style when building new homes. Mid-Century Modernism is an architectural design style that generally describes the mid-20th Century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development between the 1920s and 1980s. Many consider Frank Lloyd Wright’s principal movement of organic architecture combined with the Craftsman (Arts and Crafts) style to be the jumping off point for the aesthetics behind Mid-Century Modern Architecture. This style of architecture was frequently used in residential structures with the goal of bringing modernism into America’s post-war suburbs. The style emphasized creating structures with many large windows and with open floor plans with the intention of […]

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Best Cities in the U.S. for Mid-Century Modern Architecture


From Atlanta to San Diego, Austin to Denver, Palm Springs to Washington, D.C. and everywhere in between, the Mid-Century Modern style of design continues to draw new admirers each year. While Mid-Century Modern architecture can be found across the United States, there are several locations that offer better examples and higher concentrations of Mid-Century Modern architecture than others. Our team of Mid-Century Modern real estate specialists at The HAVERKATE GROUP has put together our list of the “Top 5 Best Cities in The U.S. for Mid-Century Modern Architecture” to help you learn more. Understanding Mid-Century Modern Architecture Characterized by flat planes, extensive use of glass, innovative building materials, and open design concepts, many of these homes were built between 1945 and the 1980’s. They were designed by a generation of modern architects that fled the rise of Nazi Germany, including Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius, who then taught at the […]

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Tamarisk Rancho in Rancho Mirage is significant Mid-Century Modern Architecture

70470 Tamarisk Ln Tamarisk Rancho, Rancho Mirage

The HAVERKATE GROUP has successfully completed 9 transactions in the Mid-Century Modern Tamarisk Rancho community over the years. Located next to Tamarisk Country Club you will find a well-desired community, Tamarisk Rancho, which is divided into two separate parts featuring each 16 Mid-Century Modern homes.  The homes are built along grassy green belts with a 45 foot long pool in the center inviting for a swim or just to relax while admiring the beautiful views to many date palms and fruit trees giving it a feel of living in an oasis.  Tamarisk Rancho hosted many parties in the 50th attended by Barbara Sinatra, Groucho Marx and many other stars from Hollywood and was advertised back then as being one of the greatest places in the Palm Springs area. Our latest 70435 Los Pueblos listing sold within 1% of our predicted sale price within 10 days, and it appraised at the […]

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture Stores in Palm Springs

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Stores Palm Springs

The 5 Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture Stores In Palm Springs Palm Springs has one of the largest collections of Mid-Century Modern home furnishings, architecture and homes. Palm Springs has lots of great shopping for modern, nice retro, and great vintage. This is what Palm Springs is remembered for. Palm Springs is a popular vacation destination for many Mid-Century enthusiasts, celebrities, and those who are looking for unusual designs in furniture.  Palm Springs has dozens of Mid-Century Modern shops – both thrift shops and upscale. Many of these stores offer pieces from the 1950’s, through the 1970’s. There are many vintage and Mid-Century Modern shops in Palm Springs. The greatest number of stores is on North Palm Canyon Drive in the design district of Palm Springs. Listed below are a few of the best Mid-Century Modern stores in Palm Springs – from the well-known shops to some that are less well-known; […]

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Modernism Palm Springs

Detail 2 MCM Blocks

Modernism Lives Beyond Palm Springs The 40,000-odd visitors to Modernism Week 2014 were made well aware of the Mid-Century Modern homes in Palm Springs, but they may not be aware of the trove available in other parts of the Valley.  At the same time the modernist architects like William Cody, Albert Frey, Krisel and Donald Wexler, to name a few, designed homes in Palm Springs, they did too in Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Indio. It is very difficult to find exact numbers, but we do have some historical sales data.  Based on the Desert Area Multiple Listing Service, there have been about 7,200 residential sales since 1998 in Palm Springs of Mid-Century (1949-1969) homes.  Not all of these are Mid-Century Modern, but some good portion are. According to the same criteria we should find MCM in good numbers In the five cities mentioned above, where […]

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Great Mid-Century Modern Areas in the Palm Springs Valley Part II

Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs

Mid-Century Modern areas in Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage   SANDPIPER, PALM DESERT Sandpiper has the distinction of being the oldest residential development in Palm Desert. Architect William Krisel designed Sandpiper in the 1960’s. The homes are Mid-Century Modern in design. His inspiration came from Frank Lloyd Wright. He offered brightly lit homes that were well designed along with lovely landscaping and quiet private views. The whole property has 18 “pods.” Each has its own lovely swimming pool and there are 6 buildings within the “pod” and each contains two one-level homes. Sandpiper is a convenient walk or stroll to restaurants and shopping on El Paseo Drive Sandpiper home prices range from $250,000 to $540,000. Click here for Active Listings   MAGNESIA FALLS, RANCHO MIRAGE Magnesia Falls Cove is one of those magical neighborhoods in the valley that has everything going for it. Location, location, location is first and foremost, […]

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What is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-Century Modern in Palm Springs

The community of Palm Springs, California is home to one of the highest concentrations of Mid-Century Modern architecture in the world, making our community a famous destination for aficionados of all things modern. In fact, each February visitors flock from all over the world to celebrate this design style during our world-renowned Modernism Week, which offers events ranging from architecture tours to art exhibitions, swanky parties to film lectures, and much more. Let’s take a look back at the history of Mid-Century Modern architecture in Palm Springs and how we’ve earned this prestigious reputation. Starting in the 1920’s, Hollywood’s elite found that Palm Springs was the ideal location to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, yet was close enough to get back to the studios quickly if needed – just a two-hour drive. They and other affluent elite would turn Palm Springs into a private oasis of […]

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